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picture of an epiltaorOur goal is to provide you with valuable information which is unbiased, on the best epilator reviews so that you can find the best epilator and get a great discount on your purchase. All our epilator reviews include real customer feedback.

Whether you are looking for your first epilator or an update on an existing model then you have come to the right place, as I was recently searching for a new epilator online and researched a lot of information.

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Not Just A Normal Review Site

When building this website we didn’t want to build a normal crappy review site with the same information as others that left you, the consumer, with the decisions to make. Instead we have picked out the best epilators based on real consumer feedback regardless of price.

What does this mean? Well as an advertiser that recieves a commission upon sale it means that if we recommend a low priced product we obviously recieve a lower commission. The reason our site does this is because we actually want you to make the right purchase.

Just keep in mind that some epilators do cost significantly more than others and sometimes you do get what you pay for, however luckily for you this is not always the case.

What is the the Best Epilator For the Money Conscious

philips hp6508 epilator reviewsMost people today are more cautious regarding spending money and coupled with not having used an epilator before wonder whether the purchase will be worth it and so opt for a lower cost epilator.

The best epilators we found in the low cost bracket are the Philips HP6508 and Philips HP6509. These 2 epilators are proven to be very good for 1st timers and and received a 4 star, out of 5, consumer ratings.

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Both the Philips HP6508 and Philips HP6509 are mains run epilators for dry use only. They both have variable speed settings allowing adjustment for more sensitive skin areas but also have different attachments.

The HP6508 comes with a unique set of first-time user attachments which help you achieve the best results whereas the HP6509 combines a lift and massage attachment to lifts even the shortest hairs and a shaving head attachment to perfectly follow the contours of your bikini line or underarms for a close and smooth shave.

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It beats having to shave my legs every week. I will never use a razor again – in fact its so good i’m wondering whether the hairs are going to grow back at all! It is three weeks now, I would certainly recommend!!!!!!!
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Looking for the Best Wet and Dry Epilators?

braun epilator 7681 epilator reviewsMany people opt for a wet and dry epilator simply because warm water soothes the skin making hair removal easier and more comfortable. Wet and dry epilators are favoured for those with sensitive skin making depilation bearable if not a comfortable experience.

The most popular wet and dry epilators by far are the Braun Epilators.

We found nearly 300 reviews for the Braun Epilator 7781 wet and dry rechargeable epilator and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

The Braun Epilator 7681, currently on sale with more than a 30% discount was specifically designed for epilation in warm water. We found more than 200 customer reviews for this device and it received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating!

The main differences between these epilators and the lower priced epilators is the additional ‘gadgets’ that come with them. For example  many people just love the i-light which may seem like a style detail until you actual use it, it enables you to see every little hair so you can epilate perfectly without having to go back and examine the results under strong light.

They are also cordless rechargeable so you have more flexibility to use them where you want to.

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I bought the Braun Silk Epil Xpressive 7781 online a month ago, and I must say that I’m absolutely in love with it.
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